Accreditation Course


This four-part course, offered via Webinars, will enable participants to receive the PR Security Crisis Communications Accreditation Certificate and be prepared for the most common Crisis PR events. It includes exercises and exams. Successful completion of the course also comes with a free copy of the e-book, The PR Security Handbook.



The 60 to 90-minute classes will include:

Planning For A Crisis

  • What constitutes a crisis
  • The difference between a Proactive or Reactive Crisis PR posture
  • Identifying the audiences/stakeholders
  • How to prioritize the audiences and the pitfalls in doing so
  • Identifying resources, roles and responsibilities
  • Outline appropriate spokespeople and when to use them
  • Setting the organizational infrastructure to plan for any crisis

The Importance Of Developing The Right Message

  • The need to show Empathy and Action
  • The requirements in tailoring the overall messaging to each specific audience
  • How to ensure that individuals can leverage the messaging without sounding robotic
  • How to weave in the messaging to potential questions asked by the reporters

How To Disseminate Information During A Crisis Situation

  •  Outline the order of priority by stakeholders
  •  How to identify and synchronize all tools to communicate
  •  Set up monitoring systems
  •  Prepare for the questions by all stakeholders and identify how to respond
  •  Ensure you know how to handle the gotcha questions

Tips and Tricks For Media Interviews

  • How to Dress
  • Body Language Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Importance of Sound Bites
  • The Value In Stating “Just The Facts”
  • Weaving in Key Messages Effortlessly
  • What It Means To “Control The Conversation”

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