A lot of businesses: global, regional, banks, financial institutions, hospitality and the like are jumping ship trying to get as far away from Donald J. Trump as humanly possible.

It’s about damn time.

It really took him egging on a mob whose singular purpose was to overthrow the legitimacy of a democratic government and invade the Capitol building for the first time since the War of 1812. That’s what it took, and I think the Crisis PR issue for these organizations long term is going to be — “What the hell took you so long?”

Here’s the lesson for other businesses. If you partner and exchange commerce with people of unscrupulous nature, then you will be culpable for supporting that brand.

Do you know an organization that doesn’t do that? Patagonia. The company lives and dies by its corporate core values. It doesn’t sell itself to the devil because of a profit margin. More to the point, Patagonia believes it is a more sustainable and stable organization if it continually adheres to its core values.

For those organizations that are now finally cutting ties with the worst president in US history — including those who have been supporting this guy for years like Deutsche BankI think that the crisis PR event is just starting for them.