Crisis PR Services

We're ready to help!

No matter the circumstance or state of the crisis, let our team of experts go to work for you to give you the best chance to return to normal operations as soon as possible! Time is very much of the essence in such matters, and we’re ready to help!

PR Security – Yellow Alert Package

There’s an issue brewing, but not yet in full Crisis mode. Get prepared for if it cascades!


This package includes:

  • Identify up to four (4) areas of your company that are most at risk for generating a Crisis PR event.
  • Devise individual strategic plans to protect each at risk area and mitigate the fallout from a potential Crisis PR event. 
  • Develop a customized Crisis PR plan for any general PR situation your business may encounter. 
  • Crisis PR media training for up to five personnel.
  • Drafting of specific correspondence that can be employed, if needed, by email, social media and website formats to specific news organizations, influencer groups, customers, partners, investors, and employees.
  • Developing turnkey website landing pages and social media accounts to go live with pertinent information on the issue.
  • Identify and reach out to specific audiences that will be relied upon to support the organization in a Crisis PR situation if needed.
  • Six months of monitoring and reporting with strategy meetings to analyze your brand’s exposure and recommendations to mitigate the risk of a Crisis PR Event

Fee: $8,995

PR Security – Red Alert Package

You’re in full Crisis mode and getting barraged by the press and social media. The time to act is now! 

This package includes:

  • All elements of the Yellow Package.
  • Proactive outreach to local media and influencer groups.
  • Management of website landings pages to keep updated with information.
  • Act as initial company spokesperson for a period of no less than 30 days.
  • Coordination of all communications to customers, partners, and employees.
  • Execution of a customized Search Engine Optimization/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) initiative to counter negative impacts to Google rankings.

Fee: $14,995 plus PPC/SEO costs