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We can get you through any Crisis event.

A poor online review, unflattering blog post, hateful Tweet, or negative press coverage can happen to anyone at any time. Today’s social media landscape enables every single person with a smartphone and an ax to grind to disparage individuals and organizations publicly without repercussion. That means any business, nonprofit, or government entity of any size can find their reputation called into question without notice and permanently damaged if left unchecked.

The losses can add up quickly. A 2018 Pentland Analytics study notes that companies dealing with a crisis can “lose an average of 5 percent in shareholder value.”

With time being of the essence, you need expert Crisis Management support from someone who can get to work on your behalf right away.

That’s us. We know what to do.

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Dave Oates is a well-respected speaker that can entertain as well as inform a wide array of audiences. From budding entrepreneurs to seasoned Fortune 500 executives, he can engage groups as small as 10 and as big as 10,000 on topics that cover Crisis Management, Marketing, Public Relations, and Leadership strategies.

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Experts in Crisis Communications and Crisis Management

We offer a wide array of services that help individuals and organizations train to, prepare for, and communicate through unfavorable public matters to get back to normal operations as quickly as possible. Our more than 25 years of experience span corporate, charity, and political environments. We’ve tackled practically every type of crisis matter, including claims of employee harassment, cyber breaches, hostile work environments, product recalls, executive misconduct, industrial accidents, pandemics, law enforcement investigations, and others. We have seen just about everything and how to approach difficult situations with confidence, speed, and agility.

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Let us empower your marketing and executive teams to plan for these types of Crisis events BEFORE they occur. Our Online Review Management can help you spot issues before they become a crisis. We’re also the “go-to” team for Social Media and Online Reputation Repair and Crisis PR Management services. Take a look at our Crisis Event Planning and Workshop Services to empower your team to handle any situation that may come up.

Restoring your brand cannot be left to trial and error. You need experience from someone that can execute a plan in place without delay and judgment. We will spearhead all initiatives and be with you throughout the ordeal.

Schedule a free, 15-minute call with our founder, Dave Oates, to discuss your crisis issue, planning needs, or upcoming event. Take a look at his video blogs and podcast

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Schedule a free, 15-minute call with our founder, Dave Oates, to discuss your crisis issue, planning needs, or upcoming event. Take a look at his video blogs and podcast below.

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With the vision of an oracle, Dave forecasted the opponent’s actions and developed proactive measures to counter them so that we always kept us one step ahead of any attempts to disparage our client. In the end, Dave garnered overwhelmingly favorable media coverage that preserved our client’s hard-earned reputation.

— Abbas Gokal, Gokal Law Firm, Orange County, Calif.

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