Crisis PR Resources

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We made these materials to help executives, marketing professionals, sales executives and anyone that must engage an audience group on behalf of an organization do so during crisis situations. Want to see other topics? Drop us a line at and tell us what you want to see!

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning – Crisis Communications for HR Course

In this LinkedIn Learning course, HR consultant Catherine Mattice Zundel and David Oates explain how to create a communication plan so you’re prepared when disaster strikes, share tips for communicating and coordinating work during an active crisis, and discuss how to follow up after the immediate danger is over.

Manage COVID Crisis PR for Nursing Homes

eBook – Manage a COVID Crisis PR situation for nursing homes

I wrote this eBook to give leaders in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, concierge medical clinics, public health agencies, and outpatient surgical centers a basic understanding of how to develop and execute a Crisis Communications initiative during a pandemic or large outbreak.

We’re excited to introduce you to David Oates of Public Relations Security.  He is someone we think every small business owner should be familiar with – he’s a leader in the increasingly relevant field of PR & reputation management.  We learn a ton every time we connect with David.