Practical tips for the most common Crisis Communications situations


eBooks for PR Preparation

I wrote these short eBooks to give business owners, executives, front-line managers, and marketers at any organization the tools to address some of the likely Crisis Communications scenarios you’ll face in your professional lifetime.

These guides will empower you to begin the path to restore trust and get back to normal operations as soon as possible. Doing so will require you to get out of your comfort zone. Some of these tactics will run counter to your leadership instincts.

I promise you that if you’re sincere in addressing any misperceptions and misgivings openly and honestly, this playbook will provide you the tools to communicate that to your team effectively.

I hope you never have to put these eBooks into practice. In today’s world, however, you probably will.

Crisis PR when wrongfully accused of racism: Based on an actual case study

Crisis PR when wrongfully accused of sexual harassment: Based on an actual case study

Manage COVID-19 Crisis PR For Nursing Homes: And other healthcare organizations

Responding to a Ransomware attack: A playbook

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