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We know how to deal with an adverse public event BEFORE it becomes one. No matter the circumstance — be it including claims of employee harassment, cyber breaches, hostile work environments, product recalls, executive misconduct, industrial accidents, pandemics, law enforcement investigations, or others. 

In short order, we can devise a plan that helps you prevent a developing issue from becoming a crisis or manage an active one that enables you to return to normal operations as quickly as possible.


Our tools

Our Crisis PR Management Services Include:

Strategy Development

  • Devise specific messaging to convey to all audiences.
  • Determine which audiences listed above should receive proactive communication and which audiences WGI should only respond to inbound inquiries.
  • Identify news organizations, community groups, and other influential online accounts as potential outlets to leverage if necessary.
  • Develop a distribution plan for information to each audience and develop the electronic materials to do so.
  • Formulate draft responses to “gotcha” questions that answer biased inquiries from family members, strategic partners, news organizations, and other groups in a non-aggressive manner that enables you to stay on message.
  • Create an internal operations process outlining how to receive and answer inquiries for the audiences mentioned above.

Crisis PR Plan Execution

  • Execute all communications plans – proactive and reactive – for all audiences, updating as needed with different activities.
  • Act as spokesperson if required but direct audiences to approved statements attributable to you and your management team when more appropriate.
  • Monitor audience feedback and online chatter to gauge the success of conveying your message properly.
  • Be readily available for meetings and conference calls with you and your management team as needed.

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Schedule a free, 15-minute call with our founder, Dave Oates, to discuss your crisis issue, planning needs, or upcoming event. Take a look at his video blogs and podcast interviews and feel free also to download some of his eBooks and online courses in the meantime.

What Our Clients Say

I’m was representing a businessman who, along with his small companies, was the target of a state legal action prompted by a former employee’s salacious allegations of misconduct.  Well-known in his community and industry, the client was understandably concerned about the potential impact of the allegations’ publicity.  Dave immediately established rapport and trust with the client.  They developed a sound PR strategy.  And Dave kept me posted so that I could incorporate their PR plans into my development of strategy for resolving the case.

— David B. Monks, Fuller Law Group, P.C.

Dave is someone you should know, and hope you never need.  He is our go-to resource for all crisis communications. I have seen first hand, when Dave worked with one of our customers, the careful counsel, the forthright responses, and the extraordinary compassion he brings to his clients at a time when it seems their world may be ending.

— Jim Tenuto, Renaissance Executive Forums, San Diego, Calif.

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