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Dave Oates is a well-respected speaker that can entertain as well as inform a wide array of audiences. From budding entrepreneurs to seasoned Fortune 500 executives, he can engage groups as small as 10 and as big as 10,000 on topics that cover Crisis Management, Marketing, Public Relations, and Leadership strategies.


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Sample speaking topics include:

Crisis Communications


The next Crisis PR event you’ll likely face

Most Crisis Communications events originate outside traditional media circles. Therein lies the problem. Many companies fail to see the unflattering blog article or angry social media post talking about a supervisor’s improper remarks until weeks, if not months, later. However, these stories can generate as much disruption – if not more – to operations as something that comes from the local “I-Team” television segment.

Learn from this professional with nearly 30 years of experience dealing with a wide array of Crisis PR events. You’ll come away with tips and tactics that you can employ at a moment’s notice if needed. Better yet, you’ll understand the steps to avoid a crisis event in the first place.

Prep for a Crisis PR event – A MUST

A poor online review, unflattering blog post, hateful Tweet, or negative press coverage can happen to anyone at any time. Today’s social media landscape enables every single person with a smartphone and an ax to grind to disparage individuals and organizations publicly without repercussion. That means any business, nonprofit, or government entity of any size can find their reputation called into question without notice and permanently damaged if left unchecked.

Responding to angry employees online

Team members voicing their displeasure at their boss or place of work is nothing new. What has changed is the way they can discredit you in public, the speed of the crisis, and the magnitude of disruptions it can bring to your operations. Online reviews, blog posts, and social media mean that any employee can cause an organization’s reputation to go from “Hero” to “Zero” in a single viral Instagram post. How you respond and when can make all the difference between preserving your brand or permanently damaging it.

Learn from this Crisis PR expert on the dos and don’ts in dealing with this inevitable circumstance. If you have employees, you need to prepare for this adverse event!



In baseball and life, keep swinging the bat

As an eight-year-old on his Little League team, Dave hoped the pitcher, usually a classmate, would walk him. Swinging and missing a pitch in front of all his friends and family scared him to the point of inaction. Dave carried this feeling through most of his childhood and only learned this hard lesson after being fired from his first job as a US Navy Officer. Learn this interesting tale of how he figured out that the key to succeeding life, like baseball, is to always try and not be afraid to take a swing, no matter the outcome.


Leadership lessons learned by getting fired

Every leader fails in their journey, most multiple times. What’s more, leaders who don’t falter in their quest to succeed will likely never realize their full potential and that of their team. Dave Oates knows this only too well. Learn his tales of getting fired in his first job as a US Navy Officer and by several companies when working for various PR firms. Those hard lessons became the solid foundation for the success he garners today could be for other current and budding leaders of organizations.

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Dave recently delivered a high-level presentation to a group of 15 CEOs, and it was a master class in messaging.  While the presentation focused on how to communicate better to an internal audience and to customers around COVID-19 issues, the practices translate well to other forms of managing a business crisis

Jim Tenuto, Renaissance Executive Forums, San Diego, Calif.

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