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Preparing for dealing with a poor online review, disparagingly blog article, angry social media post, online reputation event, or adverse news article that you hope never happens can make all the difference!

Unlike other Public Relations Agencies, we LOVE providing organizations with the skills to recognize and respond to a Crisis Communications event on their own. Leverage our experience to empower your team to address matters BEFORE they turn into emergent, adverse events.

Our planning and training services include:

Scenario Planning:

  • Create Crisis Response plans for specific disaster recovery scenarios you and your organization could face.
  • In all cases, be sure they include
    •  Press Releases/Press Conferences
    • Social Media Post
    • Email Newsletters
    • Website Landing Pages
    • Pay Per Click/Advertising Campaigns
    • Speaking Events
    • Strategic messaging targeted toward employees, customers, partners, investors, shareholders, government, news media, and other audiences.
    • Outline appropriate spokespersons.
    • Devise procedures for how inquiries will get fielded and by whom, depending on the audience.
    • Create a Decision Tree that outlines when organizations should shift from a “Respond to Query” mode to “Active” status.
    • Create communications tactics, timelines, and measures of effectiveness that include, but not necessarily limited to:
    • Develop a series of “gotcha” questions that prepare designated spokespeople to answer inquiries that come with an inherent bias without falling into pitfalls that could exacerbate the negative publicity.

Media Training:

  • Conduct training workshops for your key team members and executives on handing a wide array of interview formats, including in-person television, phone, video chat, and traditional press conference.
  • Introduce a wide variety of scenarios that include promotional, informal, adversarial, and “ambush” examples.

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 Not sure if you have the time? Schedule a 15-minute call, no obligation call with our founder, Dave Oates. We promise you that I’ll make you better prepared to handle a Crisis Communications situation in that time. More important, you’ll want to get your team to be even more ready to deal with any adverse public matter after we talk.

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