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Most Crisis Communications events originate outside traditional media circles. Therein lies the problem. Many companies fail to see the unflattering blog article or angry social media post talking about a supervisor’s improper remarks until weeks, if not months, later. However, these stories can generate as much disruption – if not more – to operations as something that comes from the local “I-Team” television segment.

Online comments can fester for long periods. Individuals who troll the Internet will click on such posts and share with others, often adding poorly-crafted but emotional commentary. If unchecked, that content can get popular enough to catch the eye of Google.

For about $500 a month, we can set up comprehensive Social Media & Online Reputation Monitoring systems that alert organizations and executives whenever a negative review, news article, or rogue adverse post ion the Internet. This service will alert organizations to any potentially damaging comments as they occur and provide you with a detailed monthly report on all new mentions of your organization, both good and bad.

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We can also help you repair your online reputation when negative articles that already exist online come up in searches for you and your organization. We can help you push these postings down to the second page of Google by creating content that people love to read about. We’ll do so in a regimented, templatized fashion while utilizing PR news posting sites, SEO strategies, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media channels to get that positive content out to as many folks as possible and up in the Google rankings.

We also have add-on services that seek out sites publishing a person’s personal information, such as home addresses, phone number, bank accounts, and such to remove to mitigate identity theft risks.

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