Prevention Kits

Get The Tools You Need To Help AVOID An Issue Becoming A Full-Blown Crisis
Crisis PR Monitoring Services

Keeping an eye on your social media accounts isn’t enough! Even the most remote blog post or review comment can trigger a catastrophic Crisis PR event!

Be alerted when a negative review or adverse post is made on the Internet. Our monitoring service will alert you to any potentially adverse comments as they occur as well as provide you with a detailed monthly report on all new mentions of your organization, both good and bad. Never be surprised again by an issue that, if left unattended, will fester to a full-blown crisis!

Fee: $250 a month or $2,500 for one year if paid in advance.


Digital Crisis PR Kit

Preparing for a Crisis PR event you hope never happens can make all the difference.

Level 1 Crisis PR Kit includes:

  • Two (2) landing pages, optimized for SEO, that are designed in conformance with your organization’s brand.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn accounts to use specifically for a Crisis PR event that are designed in conformance with your organization’s brand.
  • One templated press release.

Fee: $2,500

Level 2 Crisis PR Kit includes:

  • All items in the Level 1 Crisis PR Kit.
  • A Crisis PR e-newsletter template that is designed in conformance with your organization’s brand.
  • A comprehensive news media distribution list that includes up to 500 reporters and news outlets.

Fee: $3,500

Crisis PR Prevention Audit

Are you vulnerable to a Crisis PR event?

Let us conduct a comprehensive, 30-point analysis. We’ll outline what’s in place and what’s not. We’ll also give you an action plan to fix any discrepancy. The first step in preparing for a Crisis PR event is ensuring you’re set up to prevent one from cascading into a full-blown emergency. Let us help.

Fee: $2,500