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September 12, 11:00AM PDT Planning For A Crisis

  • What constitutes a crisis
  • The difference between a Proactive or Reactive Crisis PR posture
  • Identifying the audiences/stakeholders
  • How to prioritize the audiences and the pitfalls in doing so
  • Identifying resources, roles and responsibilities
  • Outline appropriate spokespeople and when to use them
  • Setting the organizational infrastructure to plan for any crisis

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Coming Soon – Importance Of Developing The Right Message

  • The need to show Empathy and Action
  • The requirements in tailoring the overall messaging to each specific audience
  • How to ensure that individuals can leverage the messaging without sounding robotic
  • How to weave in the messaging to potential questions asked by the reporters

Coming Soon – How To Disseminate Information During A Crisis Situation

  •  Outline the order of priority by stakeholders
  •  How to identify and synchronize all tools to communicate
  •  Set up monitoring systems
  •  Prepare for the questions by all stakeholders and identify how to respond
  •  Ensure you know how to handle the gotcha questions

Coming Soon – Tips and Tricks For Media Interviews

  • How to Dress
  • Body Language Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Importance of Sound Bites
  • The Value In Stating “Just The Facts”
  • Weaving in Key Messages Effortlessly
  • What It Means To “Control The Conversation”

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