Did you catch the latest on actor Chris Pratt? He’s caught some flack recently because there’s a photo going around about him wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” tee-shirt. Some folks believe that’s a racist statement because some lowlife neo-Nazis have been using it in various marches and violent conflicts with authority in the general population.

The reality, though, is it’s not a racist statement. The “Don’t Tread on Me” logo harkens back to the revolutionary war times when colonists were making a statement against the British. The United States Navy also allows the oldest ships still in an active deployment status to fly it as a symbol of their longevity.

There isn’t an issue with Chris Pratt. The point is what happens when an organization or person of influence will say something, wear something or symbolize something that gets taken out of context.

When that happens, be ready to respond on social media immediately. If it’s something you’re actively promoting, make sure to use a symbol or a statement in such a way that people can’t twist it for their own political, social or economic agenda.