As of this posting, three managers and a general manager got fired and might never return to baseball from the latest cheating scandal. Major League Baseball finds itself in a similar type of situation that they did during the steroid era. Fans now question the validity of seasons, let alone the players’ stats. The question now centers on if this story will last through the 2020 season.

I would venture to say that it absolutely will, and last through 2021 if MLB doesn’t respond correctly. The league must not only get ahead of it but even go a little draconian. To that end, I really question why MLB didn’t vacate the Houston Astros’ 2019 championship. Real questions linger about how legitimately did the Astros play and whether New York Yankees’ Aaron judge should have actually received the 2017 Most Valuable Player award during the America League Champion Series.

Moreover, I think that MLB should act quickly because pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than a month.