Man, baseball got in a heap of trouble early with the Miami Marlins getting shut down for nearly a week with a massive COVID outbreak. It also caused the postponement of the Philadelphia Phillies – New York Yankee game at Philly to disinfect the visiting team’s clubhouse. That’s the last place the Marlins were.

I don’t think baseball was hoping that this was going to happen this early in the season. Still, it begs the question of what kind of crisis communication plans they have for the general public and their television partners, which is predominantly their source of revenue and their players?

I hope that this serves as a shining example to both the league and the team that they’ve got adhere to safety protocols. MLB must do better to restated this edict over and over again to players. Baseball needs to discourage actively, if not prohibit, all the fist and chest bumps to limit as much as you can potential exposure and risk.

The MLB must do so if they want to continue conducting games in various ballparks and not sequester teams and players in one location as the NBA did. That requires over-communication to keep the 60 game season intact.

I got to tell you, though, from where I sit as a baseball fan, I think there’s a 50-50 shot that the season continues as is.