This one actually comes from popular demand. You know, folks asked me over the last couple of weeks about what I thought regarding Joe Biden’s recent miscues.

At first, I felt the matter didn’t warrant posting a Crisis PR video clip. Biden’s social awkwardness never got to the level where people alleged he sexually harassed anyone. Even his accusers, who used the incident for their own political purposes. Furthermore, I thought Biden handled himself well by first issuing a pretty clear statement apologizing for a lack of understanding how some recipients of his “touchy-feely” side felt. I thought he did an even better job with the video that came out days later claiming he now recognized the changing. 

And then he did this.

Making a joke at a public forum just two days later about your perceived lack of social grace doesn’t really help your cause and your position. Biden essentially made fun of his accusers. 

CEO’s take note. If you give respect to somebody else’s position, don’t go around two days later and make light of it. It signals to your audiences that you really don’t care.