I’ve seen a lot of television commercials from restaurants and fast-food chains and the like during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them talk about their drive-thru capabilities asking folks to continue patronizing them.

Give credit, though, to Domino’s Pizza, for taking it a step further. The company put together a commercial featuring several franchise owners on a Zoom conference talking about not just the fact that their businesses remain open, but that they’re hiring. The company tapped into the anxiety that a lot of people now feel from losing their jobs, getting furloughed without pay, or running the risk of getting their position eliminated. Domino’s offers them to come on board, even on a temporary, part-time basis, to help them meet the surging demand as people are ordering more takeout, and, in doing so, put food on their table.

Organizations can take away a valuable lesson from this. Offering hope and aspirations to customers, partners, and investors will give brands a boost during the coronavirus crisis. More folks will not only patronize the business but also see them in a much more servant-oriented spotlight. That will bode well for your brands in the long term. In Domino’s case, their campaign will put them a cut above their competitors’ promotions that focus only on their drive-thru and take out services. Kudos to them for recognizing an opportunity to enhance their brand during this time and not merely maintain it.