I really love what I do. Since 1994, I help organizations and corporations get through a crisis PR event. The types range from mass layoffs, product recalls, shareholder disputes to felony convictions and horrific accidents. No matter what the circumstance, one emotion always presents itself. 


Business owners, shareholders, employees all express it, but some in different ways. You get VPs of marketing lashing out a customer online for a bad review. Others, like CEOs and business owners, may just get overwhelmed with the prospects of all the legal, financial and social costs related to recovering their business, which can run up a half a million dollars or more.

Regardless, going through a crisis PR event sucks. I’ll going to make you this promise. I’ve seen all types of Crisis PR events and know how to get an organization through one. I will develop the plan. More importantly, I’ll bring in the resources to do just that. Oftentimes, I can get an company to achieve a better outcome than they anticipated, because I know where the opportunities lie and how to be effective in communicating the company’s position in such a way that shows empathy and action to their customers, prospects, shareholders, partners and, as important, employees. 

The executive of the companies with whom I work sleep better at night. I’ll lessen their fears and anxieties. I may not be able to make the crisis PR event go away, but I’ll certainly get you through it faster. For the ones that I take on, I believe that I can make things better, and will be with those organizations every step of the way. If you have something bubbling up, call me.