If you want to see somebody who’s handling the Coronavirus news the right way, pay attention to New York Governor Cuomo. He continually demonstrates his ability to deliver bad news straightforward, but in a way that also showcases the efforts that are underway, the things that need to be done while not losing his cool.

While the news won’t get good anytime soon, the manner with which you go about delivering that news can give people added anxiety, or give people hope and optimism that things are being handled at least in the best way possible. Governor Cuomo of New York does a real good job in expressing all that’s underway to allay the concerns of constituents, but not sugarcoat the deal. I really appreciate his style and approach to the media and the general public, and I think he can set the example, not just for government entities, but also for businesses needing to explain to customers, partners, and investors, how Coronavirus will impact their organization.

So, I would advise you, if you get a chance, look online, and watch some of his recent press conferences. It’s worth the time.