I thought this week’s blog got all locked into place with my intention to talk about the actor from Empire allegedly faking his own assault in an attempt to further his career… 

…until New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft gets busted as part of a Florida prostitution ring sting.

The implications could turn out catastrophic for him, the team and the NFL. If the allegations of the massage parlor in question served as as human trafficking center, the criminal implications will reach much farther than simply a rich guy paying for sex. Kraft could very well face jail time, lose the team and cough up a whole lot of money.

I don’t care what his criminal attorneys say. Robert Kraft had better come up with a crisis PR plan that fully accounts for his whereabouts and make amends to the general public, to the fans of the New England Patriots, to the NFL and to women’s groups. If he doesn’t, this thing only gets worse and Kraft turns into the Bill Cosby. Period. His reputation for architecting the biggest and best franchise turnarounds in the world and some of the more philanthropic endeavors will lie in shambles at his feet.

If asked, I would tell him to get on it and quick. He will need it.