Watch Melissa Rein Lively’s video rant where she trashes a Target store’s face mask display around Scottsdale, Arizona during the July 4th holiday. It’s pretty impressive.

As a result, this public relations practitioner apparently lost all of her clients and her husband, according to a USA Today exclusive interview that she did. She also stated that she checked in to a mental health institution and she’ll undergo follow-on treatments.

Okay. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Mental illness is no joke. However, I do think she’s going to have to go a step further because that USA Today article never said that she’s sorry. At least her LinkedIn post did. She’ll need to demonstrate her remorse in real actions. Words aren’t enough.

To that end, I hope we hear from Ms. Lively on her treatment progress if she stands any chance of restoring the trust and confidence with clients and referral partners. Right now, she’s the poster child for a “Karen,” or somebody of privilege. Ms. Lively can’t leave any doubt that she’s turning over a new page.  It’s the only way she’ll get back into the game.