Normally I stay away from politics when it comes to talking about crisis PR because I just don’t need to see the back and forth arguments on Facebook between my Republican friends and Democratic friends. In this case, I’ve got to say something.

If you’re an organization trying to figure out how to communicate with your customers, your employees, your partners during the coronavirus, please do not take the example of Congress. The Senate can’t seem to agree upon a stimulus package for the American people. And when they finally do, they’re still going to be looked at like a bunch of buffoons.

Before my Republican friends started to diss the Democrats and vice versa, please know that I don’t care one bit about your side.

What I do care about is looking at this from a PR lens. If you’re an organization trying to communicate properly during the coronavirus to convey leadership and direction to your customers, your employees, your partners, and other stakeholders, you need to create a singular voice with clear messaging in rapid fashion.

Do this favor for me. If you’re an executive of an organization in need of coronavirus Crisis PR planning and you liked what you saw on the political stage over the last couple of days, don’t call me. I don’t want your business.