I’ve been meaning to get this video out for some time right now to discuss the epic disaster that is Prince Andrew and his recent interview trying to backpedal the idea he held any trusting relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. He looked completely unprepared and really unsure about what he should say.

Prince Andrew’s responses beg the question of who prepped him for that interview? Did anyone walk him through all of the potential pitfalls of this interview?

Here’s a lesson learned for CEOs. First off, if you are not prepared to answer the hard, uncomfortable questions, don’t. It’s better to do so because your silence speaks volumes, but you make matters worse when you go into this kind of interview cold. Secondly, candidly answer all the questions in full, while demonstrating empathy and action to those hurt by the matter.t

Prince Andrew failed at this. It caused him even greater hard because he doesn’t possess a great reputation in the first place. He’s always been viewed as someone who skirts the lines of decently and exercises royal privilege in various circumstances. To get in front of the camera in the matter that Prince Andrew did only reinforced that perception.

I would recommend CEOs take a good, hard look at his interview because there’s a lot of things from that you can take away as to not to do.