I saw a report from AMC theaters, the big movie chain theater, that they’re reopening 100 of their locations and selling tickets for 15 cents.

Is it enough just to basically give away tickets and sell your popcorn for cheap in the hopes that people will come back? And Oh, by the way, they must still wear masks, keep their distance and other things that we all need to do during COVID?

Already, theaters have a big issue trying to maintain market share as the home entertainment theater concept is now nearly ubiquitous, certainly for people who go to movies regularly. If AMC is to stem this crisis, they must offer more things of value, not simply slash prices.

Interestingly enough, AMC offers an on-demand movie theater service. Maybe they should consider expanding on that and get into the content generation business, by providing entertaining not found on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Just giving away tickets will dig AMC even a bigger hole.