I’ve been doing a lot of video blogs lately talking about what things aren’t happening and what organizations aren’t doing related to COVID. But I got a real good positive story for you.

It’s a person that I’ve gotten to know through a business networking group called ProVisors.

Meldie Moore, who runs a special law firm in Orange County, sent her staff out with $100 each to area small businesses with the intent on, in an hour’s time, shop for themselves. They then provided the business owner a personal note telling them about how they’re supporting them during what is a really tough time for a lot of regional businesses.

In doing so, Meldie turned a negative into something that showcases how, through empathy and action, we all can help organizations dealing with a tough time.

After completing the hour shopping spree, Moore Law for Children staff members came back for a “Show and Tell” of sorts, and then posted the results on social media.

Meldie’s intention was not only to give business owners leg up and words of encouragement, but also to start what would be called a “Ripple Effect” to get other businesses and individuals to realize that they can help in their own small way.

When you combine those small efforts together, it makes a big impact.

So kudos to Meldie and Moore Law for Children for having the courage and conviction to take a crisis situation and being able to not only provide action but also communicate hope to other organizations that will follow suit.

Meldie, I was a big fan of you beforehand, but you have just reached “Rock Star” status for me! Thanks for being a great example of how to communicate in a crisis to provide hope and opportunity for others.