I wanted to follow up on my initial Robert Kraft video from a couple of weeks ago because we have some interesting developments.

Now, if you remember, I talked about how Robert Kraft needed to be transparent, needed apologize, needed to get in front of it needed to show remorse. Instead, he did the exact opposite. He and his lawyers not only pled not guilty, but want the courts to disqualify the damning video evidence they possess, claiming that they infringed on his privacy rights and that they went far beyond what a normal law enforcement investigation would for a misdemeanor offense.

Yeah, I get it. Everybody deserves their day in court. Everyone’s entitled to a defense. However, from a PR angle, he argues not on the basis of fact, but rather that the prosecution can’t admit this piece of evidence. That in and of itself only digs him a deeper hole and only causes more exacerbation even if he is legally in the right. So while he may win the court case, this legal strategy puts him on a sure fire path to lose the battle, and that’s going to cost him and the Patriots and the NFL big time.